The GOTOP D22 is a waterproof GPS tracker designed for vehicle tracking and fleet management. It utilizes 4G wireless communication and GPS/BDS satellite positioning technology to provide real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities. With its industrial-grade high-integration full built-in antenna and built-in 3-axis sensor, the D22 offers reliable and accurate tracking performance. One of the standout features of the D22 is its support for various alarm functions, including power failure alarm, over-speed alarm, movement alarm, and lower battery alarm. These alarms help users stay informed about the status of their vehicles and ensure their safety. Additionally, the D22 can be connected to an external oil-cutting relay for remote power cut off, providing an extra layer of security. The D22 also offers advanced features such as electronic fence function, SOS alarm, two-way communication with a built-in microphone and speaker, and support for connecting a door sensor for status checking. These features make the D22 a versatile and comprehensive GPS tracker for various applications. With its high-stability 4G module, built-in GSM high-sensitivity antenna, and support for TCP/IP data transmission, the D22 ensures reliable and efficient communication. It also has a built-in large-capacity storage chip for offline data storage and supplementary transmission of blind area data. The D22 is equipped with a high-sensitivity GPS/BDS dual-satellite positioning module and an anti-jamming ceramic antenna for accurate and uninterrupted positioning. Despite its advanced features, the D22 is designed with low power consumption and energy-saving capabilities, making it an efficient and reliable choice for long-term tracking and monitoring. Whether you need to track a single vehicle or manage a fleet, the GOTOP D22 is a reliable and feature-rich GPS tracker that can meet your needs.

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