Generic - PT 03

GPS Personal tracker (PT03)

PT03 is a GPS/GSM/GPRS tracking device which is specially developed and designed for Children,elders and pets real-time tracking and security.

PT03 provides an easy way to track your targets and provides peace of mind by showing you with your mobile phone or PC the location of your targets via SMS or GPRS.With latest GPS SIRF-Star III chipset, it can work well even in remote areas for accurate location .Built in backup battery, it can work continuously for 6 hours, and support standby time around 1 week.With built-in instant surge power adoption, it can protect inside components.
1. Tracking via SMS or GPRS (TCP/UDP) 
2. Living location report
3. Tracking by time interval   
4. Two ways communication
5. Voice monitoring (wiretapping)   
6. SOS alert
7. Geo-fencing alert  
8. Low battery alert   
9. Speeding alert
10. Motion sensor inbuilt for power saving
11. 3 buttons for calls and/or sending message
12. Locate by SMS with Google map's link
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Set Up PT 03