Generic - TX 2

GPS car alarm tracker using global positioning system (GPS) and GSM/GPRS wireless network technology, realizing remote wireless location communication, compatible with original car alarm system, can inquires, location and time speed, the direction, the engine on/off, and other information at any time, mainly used in cars, taxis, buses and other vehicles anti-theft tracking.

Mainly used in:
* Private cars/st/bus industry/vehicle leasing industry/outdoor mechanical equipment, and other security tracking
* Management monitoring

Basic functions
* Real-time tracking inquires the
* GPS positioning and mobile phone base stations positioning
* SOS emergency alarm
* The electricity off the alarm
* Speeding alarm
* According to the time/on distance upload location information
* Electronic fence function
* Remote monitoring
* Remote broken oil without electricity
* Built-in backup battery
* Compatible with the original car security systems
* Monitoring engine switch, front trunk lid closed the door open/trunk, locked LaSuo, vibration alarm
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